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Bushmills 10 Year Old

No need for Trading Places...

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@RantavahtiReview by @Rantavahti

18th Jan 2016


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...when drinking this whiskey. Great “bang for the buck” whiskey, one of the best ones out there I dare to say. Cheap, yet sophisticated. So of course the movie Trading Places comes to my mind and will go as the reference.

Nose: Sweet and fruity, also gives you of eucalyptus at the start. Toffee dominates and hints of floral notes are present as well. Bourbon casks are clearly giving the stronger note. Water adds cinnamon and notes of fruitcake.

Taste: Creamy toffee kicks off the show and stays until the very end. Sweet, wee floral and very fruity. Water adds spicy notes, which make this dram work even better.

Finish: Lingers well, smooth, yet crispy from time to time. Toffee and hints of honey. Oak tannins are strong in the aftertaste and water makes it stronger.

Balance: Got this with price tag of 25 euros so surely this is one of the best "bang for bucks" as I mentioned before. In good balance, offers no big surprises, but gives you a steady ride.

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Victor commented

I am ready to try Bushmills 10 again. I didn't think much of it the first time I had it.

7 years ago 0

Rantavahti commented

My appreciation for Bushmills has grown very much. I think they do terrific job, starting from Black Bush to the top of the "food chain". Well, haven't tasted their regular blend in a while, which probably is just a mediocre dram. But otherwise, they have a great range (10yo, 16yo & 21yo).

7 years ago 0

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