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Bushmills 1608 400th Anniversary

Enjoyable but limited

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@UisgebethaReview by @Uisgebetha

25th Nov 2014


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This bottle is newly opened but was a birthday present last year, straight from the distillery where it was apparently one of the few remaining bottles of the 400th Anniversary Edition left there.

This is an interesting experiment in distilling, apparently they’ve used crystal malt in the production of this whiskey which is an interesting choice. Crystal malt is used in brewing to impart body and sweet malty, toffee like flavours to beer as it includes a high proportion of unfermentable sugars, however how much of this character comes through in a distillate is the question.

The aroma is rich and malty with some sherry and smoke. It’s a toasty warming combination, not achingly complex but on a good track.

It’s full bodied and smooth on the palate with malt which simply purrs. The smooth maltyness is complimented by some hints of coffee, raisins and dark rum. Like the aroma this is an enjoyable theme without frills or fireworks.

The malty theme continues to the finish with some spice making an appearance and the dark rum continues to chip in with a little sweetness.

I like this whiskey a lot more than my score suggests. An ideal whiskey to sip absentmindedly while reading.

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