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Bushmills Black Bush

Dream Dram Come True!

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@CarlReview by @Carl

4th Feb 2011


Bushmills Black Bush
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Near the end of 2010, I became interested in single malt whisky, after a conversation with a friend. Many delectable tastings later, I decided to do some research on Irish Whiskey. Until that time, I had only tried Jameson, and I still have an ufinished bottle of the 12 year Special Reserve, which is very nice.

I wanted something reasonably priced, smooth, with a bit of sweetness, but not too much sherried sweetness that I often find with single malt whiskies. From all the reviews, the Bushmills Black Bush seemed to be a good place to start. My boss said that it is a favourite of his Father's, and being Irish born, I thought this would be a good recommendation.

Monday evening after work, I got a bottle. I raced home to try it, and soon as I opened the bottle, nosed the cork, poured a dram and nosed it, I knew it was something special. The first and second tastes are always the test for me. In this case, after the first one, I knew right away that I had struck gold! After that, it just kept getting better. So smooth,nice and thick on the tongue, and just the right amount of sweetness. Not so much, mind you, that you get tired of the sweetness after a few glasses. Not a lingering sweetness, but one that finishes off with a lovely semi dryness. I don't normally drink during the week, but this is now the fourth night in a row that I have had a dram or two. With single malt scotch whisky, I always have a debate in my mind as to which one I am in the mood for. With the Black Bush, I am always in the mood, and regardless of my palate that day, it tastes just as wonderful as it did the last time. So perfect is this Irish Whiskey, that I am buying a second bottle, and really have very little desired to try the other Bushmills, ie 10 year, 16 year which are available here. I simply cannot imagine them being any more perfect than this! Cheers, Carl

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AboutChoice commented

@carl, Black Bush is also one of my best-buy favorites ... I often take it to an event as my contribution to share. Been tasting single-malts this evening, but after reading your review, tasted some BlackBush ... and wow, it really holds its own ! Good review, thanks!

13 years ago 0

RoganFox commented

Had been contemplating trying Bushmills for a while and your review prompted me to pick up a bottle. Bearing in mind the affordable cost I don't think you can go too far wrong with this. Cheers

13 years ago 0

drinix commented

A very enthusiastic review! It makes me want to go out and fetch a bottle immediately :)!

13 years ago 0

Carl commented

Drinix: I certainly hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Tonight, I am working on a small bottle of Ballantine's Finest. This reminds me very much of the smoothness of Black Bush. The price point on this is amazingly low! This seems to me, to be a blended Scotch Whisky that matches up almost to my favourite Single Malt, the GlenDronach. With the Bushmills Blackbush and this Ballantine's Finest, I have found my two favourite blended whiskies. If they were the only ones I could ever afford to drink, I could be at a very happy place with only these two! Cheers, Carl

13 years ago 0

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