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Bushmills Black Bush

Happy Birthday Jean-Luc! :)

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@Pudge72Review by @Pudge72

9th Jun 2011


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As noted in the '5000' discussion thread, Connosr's own Jean-Luc celebrates his birthday today (or yesterday depending on what part of the world you are in). This review was finalized during a celebratory dram of Black Bush, in honour of Jean-Luc's pursuit of Bowmore Black.

Bushmills Black Bush is a triple distilled blend of malt whiskey and batch distilled grain whiskey, which is aged in Oloroso Sherry casks for over eight years. The origins of the products' name apparently stems from a shortened reference of its originally clunky name, "Old Bushmills Special Old Liquer Whiskey". Black Bush allegedly developed when patrons asked for it as a reference to itsoriginal (and current) labelling, which is darker than Bushmills standard offering.

Tasting was performed from a copita glass, without handwarming. As always, any constructive criticism or feedback is appreciated.

Nose - Seemingly unique to reviews that I have read, the primary aroma I note is the pleasant sweetness of a red apple (as opposed to the tartness of most green apples). Coming in as the most significant secondary aroma is a host of baking spices, with cinnamon in the mix. A soft, buttery aroma is also present. In one nosing, I detected a hint of light, pleasant, smoke as well, though this was not present during other samplings, so it appears to be an outlier aroma...please comment if you have picked this up as well at some point.

Taste - The baking spice mix (cinnamon/nutmeg/cloves blended nicely together) takes centre stage on the palate, with the apple and butter notes also continuing through from the nose on a supporting basis. Overall, the intensity of the taste does not match that of the aromas initially presented.

Body/Balance - Slightly oily, very smooth mouthfeel. The aromas transfer nicely to the mouth, with the various notes co-existing very nicely.

Finish - The baking spices complete a wonderful journey from nose to mouth to throat, maintaining their balanced co-existance. The red apple that was so prominent in the nose has now transitioned to a minor, still nicely complementary, finishing note that I wish had held a little stronger. The overall finish is medium length without being overpowering.

My experience with Irish whiskies is admittedly limited, but this does come across as a nice, well balanced, smooth dram that is comparable to a good many of the single malts that I have tasted.

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jeanluc commented

Nice review, I'm honoured :)

Black Bush was always a favourite tipple on the Irish side of our family, so it's one the first whiskey brands I was aware of growing up.

11 years ago 1Who liked this?

Bigt commented

Black Bush is absolutely one of my favorites. It isn't the absolute best drinks I have ever had, but it is not expensive and it is of high quality. You know what you are getting and I am never disappointed. I agree with your review.

I have tried all the Bushmills because I like this brand so much. I think if I had to go on absolute best, I personally would take the 21yr rare. However, on a price point basis none of them come close to Black Bush.

21yr rare is approximately 2.5 times as expense at my stores and maybe 25% better. Complete estimates there and I am sure somebody will disagree with me. But I think the point will hold up.


11 years ago 1Who liked this?

Pudge72 commented

I will always have at least one Irish whiskey in my cabinet at all times, and while I haven't had any to compare to the BB, I would agree with you 'Bigt' that this is a very enjoyable bottle! Definitely on the 'Top 10 Best Value Bottle' list.

11 years ago 1Who liked this?

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