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Bushmills Black Bush

Bushmill's Black Beauty!

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@StevieCReview by @StevieC

15th Mar 2012


Bushmills Black Bush
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About 3 years ago I purchased a bottle of Black Bush after being acquainted with this fine whiskey at a local pub.

At the time, I consumed a few drams, without really giving it much attention or appreciation. I tucked the bottle away in a storage container in my basement, leaving it as a last resort, or for guests who prefer imbibing Irish whiskey.

As sad as this may be, I developed a level of whiskey snobery over the past few years. My reasonsing was, "Meh, it's only blended Irish whiskey, and it doesn't hold a flame to single malt scotch whiskies, blah, blah, blah."

Although I am far from being a whiskey expert, I have done a bit of research. My research on Black Bush revealed how this blended Irish has a large proportion of malt added to the grain spirit. Since my tastes matured, I decided to revisit the Bush. I was not disappointed! Here are my thoughts on this whiskey:

Colour: Dark gold/orange, almost tawny like

Nose: smells like a Speysider, sherry sweetness, toffee sweetness, slightest hint of smoke.

Palate: smooth, slight spice, nutty sweetness, medium
viscocity. You can definately taste malt! The taste is familiar, like a medium bodied single malt speyside malt. Glenfiddich 15? Aberfeldy?

Finish: medium, pleasant aftertaste, smooth nutty finish.

Overall, Bushmill's Black Bush is an everyday, easy to drink blended Irish whiskey. Definately worth the attention this St. Paddy's Day!

(This was my first review)

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lucadanna1985 commented

excellent first review I'd say! And tha Black Bush is an old favourite daily dram, good and inexpensive!

12 years ago 0

Victor commented

Black Bush is a very pleasant whiskey, giving excellent value for the money. Thanks, @StevieC, for a very nice review. I am guessing, though, that you are merely comparing some of the flavours in the Black Bush to Glenfiddich 15 and Aberfeldy, and not suggesting that Bushmills is incorporating Scottish malts into their products. I would expect that Bushmills would like to be using their own malts in their product line. Otherwise it would cease to be fully Irish whiskey.

12 years ago 0

StevieC commented

Thank you for the encouraging words gentlemen! You are correct Victor, I was only comparing the flavour profile of Bushmill's to that of some other speyside malts that I have tasted in the past. I have read somewhere, and correct me if I am wrong, that Bushmill's gets their grain whiskeys from Midleton's? I find the history, politics, and social patrongage of whisky and certain labels to be quite interesting.

12 years ago 0

catkinsmayhill commented

my first true whisky experience was with this and i still love it, so smooth and sweet. Only problem with it is it goes down too well and too quickly!!!we have a cracking restaurant nearby where we have stayed the night a few times with plans for a bit of hanky panky, but i always have a few of these at the end of the meal and am ready for a sleep!!!

12 years ago 0

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