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Canadian Mist Collingwood 21 Year Old Rye

A rye for fruits and nuts

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@newreverieReview by @newreverie

25th Mar 2017


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I've had my eye on this rye for a while. A 21yr rye one time release for under$60? Maybe something was wrong with it. But when I saw that only two bottles remained in a city of millions, I went on a short adventure grab them. connosr.com/whiskey-hunting-adventures-whi…

Nose: Most definitely rye. Tropical fruit notes along with pepper and mulling spices.

Taste: Rye and pepper forward but an incredible mouthfeel. Deep deep bursts of flavor follow the initial rye. More fruit notes, but not dark, more like pinnaples, apricots, and juicy fruit gum.

Finish: Oh so smooth. The taste of pecan shell offers Some bitterness, but even this is uniquely enjoyable. Pepper spices complete the finish.

Balance: One of the most unique whiskies I have ever had. The fruit notes are off the charts. The rye notes are present but subdued. The finish is beguilingly smooth. Extremely complex.

Final Thoughts: I am glad I did not read the reviews of my fellow Connors's before this purchase. I can see why this whiskey is so polarizing. It is truly the most unique rye I have ever tasted. The bottle is so ugly i never want to put it on a shelf.

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talexander commented

Ohhhhh this one, I really didn't like. FWP all the way!

7 years ago 1Who liked this?

newreverie commented

@talexander And neither did anyone else apparently. I get the perfumy soapiness that others have mentioned when I pour a glass, but only from a distance. When I actually move in for a nose it dissipates and becomes very fruity instead. I enjoy this one for many of the same reasons I enjoyed @Victor 's Bastille whiskey. The bastille isn't as good as this, but I felt that the floral nature of that one added complexity without harming the underlying spirit. Collingwood 21yr keeps a rye profile, but it is wrapped in multiple layers of nuttiness and tropical fruit. In my mind it falls closer to @Paddockjudge 's Alberta Premium 30yr which was outstanding while simultaneously giving me a grape soda flavor. Take that grape soda and replace it with fruit punch and it begins to approach what my bottle is like.

7 years ago 0

talexander commented

Ah - very good! Glad you enjoy it - I don't think you can get it at all anymore....

7 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

It is a term, neither coined nor condoned by me, to describe a fragrance commonly associated with certain ladies of "ill repute" who reside either across the English Channel from England, or somewhat East of Ottawa (if you were to stretch the meaning of the "F" to it's fullest potential).

Hope that helps.

7 years ago 1Who liked this?