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Chivas Century of Malts

Extremely Complex Blend

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@ryanloeweReview by @ryanloewe

24th Oct 2010


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Apparently this was released in 1995. A blend of 100 malts. I've read that it's vatted, no grain, but nothing totally confirming this. With 100 malts to blend I'd like to think there's no room for any grain whisky, though. The shop I frequent found some in their store room and put them on the floor and I couldn't resist picking it up.

Body: Between medium light to medium

Nose: Vanilla, Toffee, Pecans (pralines?), sherry, fruitcake. Very sweet.

Palette: Up front many of the sweet nosings appear on the tongue, vanilla, fruit, nut and winy notes, but quickly move into heathery smoke and and peat. A nice contrast and a surprise as the smokey and peaty side of this blend is not evident on the nose, though it shouldn't be surprising knowing it contains Laphroaig, Caol Ila, Lagavullin, Ladaig and many other island staples.

Conclusion: A really great and unique blend. With 100 malts, it sounds like a bit of a gimmick; like a soda fountain suicide. But whoever was in charge of blending this knew what they were doing. Containing so many malts beloved on their own for their unique flavors, the task to make them all work together seems daunting to me. But this is a fun and genuinely complex and well balanced malt blend that wasn't just thoughtlessly tossed together just to be able to put a bottle on the market claiming to have 100 different malts within.

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LeFrog commented

Yeah, it does sound a bit gimmicky but I'd love to try it. How much did this retail at?

13 years ago 0

dJazzit commented

I got this one in my cabinet and however I was a bit hesitant at first as well (got it as a present), I can confirm it's one of the better blends I came across. Really like it, not sure if I would rate it that high, though.

13 years ago 0

ryanloewe commented

I actually wouldn't rate it a 9 either. When I hovered over the stars it showed a range over each star but I didn't see how to specifically choose the decimal. I think I'd actually put it somewhere around 8-8.5.

Is there a way to edit your own reviews?

13 years ago 0

ryanloewe commented

LeFrog, the shelf price was $57, though I got it at the case price of 46. I spent a good bit of time talking scotch with one of the clerks there and he told me about it, and explained how they just found a few in the back and put them out, and was nice enough to give me a good deal.

I have no idea what this originally sold for, but I'd be curious to know. Since it came out in '95 there would be some inflation to account for. The few online shops I've found it in so far have it anywhere from $76-$450. $450?!?! It may be scarce now, and it is a really great blend, but I can think of better ways to spend that much on scotch.

13 years ago 0

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