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Crown Royal Black


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@cheeserandyburgReview by @cheeserandyburg

28th Sep 2012


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I'll be honest, the one thing that drew me to pick this one up was the dark, caramel colour. I like the look of a dark, DARK whisky. It's always been more appealing to the eye (IMHO). Not sure how much colouring they added to it, but its clearly over the top. On with the review.

Nose -

Coca cola. Sweet. Caramel. Definitely vanilla in there. Almost has a hint of maple syrup at the top.

Body/Palate -

The first time trying this was quite a shocker. I've had similiar whiskys in the past with 45% alc content (ie. Maker's Mark, Jim Beam, etc) and this was nothing like it. This was creamy, no burn, somewhat soft even at first arrival. EXTREMELY smooth. Delicious. As it went down, it started to really open up, no more softness, but fairly rich, bitey (nothing huge), and the sweetness arrived. Brown sugar came up as well. Add a little water to it, and it opens up very nicely; mellows it and makes for a VERY easy sipper. Much better in my opinion with water. However, add ice, and we get a very undesireable and even unenjoyable change.

Finish -

Pleasant, sweet after taste, but doesn't linker very long as some others say.

In the end, I've picked this one up 2 times so far and i'll be taking a break now since I've gotten to know it more. Time to move onto other tasty treats lurking out there. However, with that being said, don't be afraid to give this one a try. Its much more bolder, complex and richer then its older brother. For some this may be a good thing, and for others not so much.

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