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Crown Royal Limited Edition

The Good Old Days

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10th May 2013


Crown Royal Limited Edition
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The reviewed sample from bottle #BAH 075, was provided compliments of @paddockjudge. The bottle was opened almost one year ago. For additional information on the distillery, etc. see the Connosr review of this whisky by @talexander. Sequential review format

Nose: lush, strong intensity very Canadian blended whisky nose, combining sweet silky maple, spicy rye, and floral wine flavours. Very beautiful...if this had no rye flavours I would say that this reminded me very strongly of Jameson's Rarest Vintage Reserve. Score 23/25 All whiskies; 24/25 Canadian Category

Taste: rich and beautiful, even better than the nose. Quite sweet. The rye grain flavours are pointed and excellent; the body is silky smooth; the wine flavours are strong but do not overwhelm; the wood flavours are delicious with just a hint of bitterness. Score 24/25 all whiskies; 25/25 Canadian

Finish: the flavours stay long, with the bitterness of the wood becoming stronger into the finish. Score 23/25 all whiskies; 23/25 Canadian

Balance: this is certainly one of the finest Canadian whiskies which I have tasted. The combination of wine and great sweetness is counterbalanced by the strong spicy rye flavours, and, as well, by the slight bitterness of the wood. It is a form of balance which not everyone will like, but it has its own logic, and within the Canadian style, this is one of the best examples I have encountered. @paddockjudge has done an excellent job of showing me first hand that there are more than a few high-quality whiskies made in Canada. Thank you, @paddockjudge! Score 23/25 all whiskies; 24/25 Canadian

Total Scores: 93 all whiskies; 96 Canadian Category

This is a bottle which hasn't been sold for quite a while. On a more recent note, the one excellent recently-released bottle of Crown Royal Reserve which I reviewed about a year ago tastes VERY close to this bottle. This tells me that the Crown Royal blender is completely capable of continuing to blend excellent whiskies

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paddockjudge commented

Excellent review Victor. Although this particular bottling has long been unavailable, I agree that CR Reserve closely resembles this '75 Seagram's CR Ltd Ed, and more so than does the currently available CR Ltd Ed. Another recent offering that I find reminiscent of the '75, but to a lesser degree, is Sazerac Royal Canadian Small Batch. Drew Mayville is responsible for the recent Sazerac Canadian Whisky releases - his roots can be traced back to Seagram's.

I am glad that you enjoyed this vintage expression, after all, great whisky becomes legendary when shared with friends.

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