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Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

Nozinan Mini and Sample Series - 10

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@NozinanReview by @Nozinan

25th Feb 2016


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Full disclosure:

I am not an expert on Canadian Whisky. My preferences are generally toward single malts and bourbons, but I am open to any well-crafted whisky. I’ve really enjoyed a number of Forty Creek special releases, and am a big fan of Alberta Premium 25 and 30 YO ryes. Highwood 90/20 is a stunner.

Tonight I was at a meeting and someone who is aware of my interest in whisky but who doesn’t drink it to my knowledge asked me if I had tried the World Whisky of the year. I have a sample courtesy @paddockjudge and so I promised I would taste it and let her know. I emailed her before writing this review: “ I tried it…I don’t like it”. So I suppose you could stop reading here.

I decided to do a head to head with another sample I received, Crown Royal Monarch, and after nosing both I tasted this one first. It was put in a sample bottle after being open three weeks.

Nose: fruit, pickle juice, spirit 20/25
Adding a drop or two of water brings out a pleasant fruit syrup / pineapple note but then the pickle juice pokes through 21/25

Taste: hot, some vanilla, muted. Spice or alcohol? With time becomes a tad less bitter with some added sweetness. 19/25 Water adds to the fruitiness as in the nose and gives it some flavour but also makes it hotter. 20/25

Bitter finish 18/25 – minimal change with water

Balance: Not unbalanced just not pleasant. 20/25

Score (with water because it was a touch better – unusual for low ABV whisky): 79

I did not finish the dram. I will leave the rest of the sample un-gassed and see what happens. I am a patriotic Canadian but I’ve tasted many whiskies , Canadian and not, which are better than this.

PS: mixing this with Crown Royal Monarch in equal proportions creates something better than the NHR and more complex than the Monarch. I am not sure I would repeat it.

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Nozinan commented

And, after a long drought, this once again available at the LCBO. 10 000 bottles worth. I guess they figured it would be snapped up like last time. I wonder if it the shelves will be emptied or if everyone has all they want...

about one year ago 0

Robert99 commented

@Nozinan You are perfectly clear about what you think of this rye but, at a reasonable price, I will buy it out of curiosity. The point that surprises me is not that some amateurs don't like, it's that it doesn't seem to have a big and well defined personnality. My hope is that if it is not good enough to be a sipper, it would have some good caracteristics to become part of some vatting. I will let you know.

about one year ago 0

Victor commented

@Robert99, CRNHR is a great cocktail rye, as my wife and sister can attest. That is why my bottle was half gone in a week, when I reviewed it.

@Nozinan found the nose only good to very good. I think that it is a very fine nose...but the nose is the end of where I think that CRNHR is admirable.

Robert, hell, everything is expensive up there in Canada! If you can get CRNHR cheaply you will probably be content enough with it.

about one year ago 0

Robert99 commented

@Victor I would phrase your comment differently: everithing is cheap downthere in the USA! When I read about the prices in Australia, Denmark, Sweedish or even in GB (for Boubons or even for some of their Scotches like Laphroaig Cairdeas), I came to the conclusion you are in the Valhala of whisky drinker. Thanks for the advise, my adviser at SAQ has one waiting for me.

about one year ago 0

Robert99 commented

@Nozinan I don't think giving air to this rye will improve it for you as I found that I usually get the pickle flavor more and more with air. But I like it way more than you although not as much as a famous expert that every one knows. I found it taste like an oxydized American Rye with some Canadian caramel. That is a mixed that is not for everybody!

about one year ago 0

Nozinan commented

Well, I better get used to it seeing as someone gave me a bottle of this as a gift...

about one year ago 0

Nozinan commented

For some reason when I open the comments on this review I get a whole bunch of comments that were clearly meant for my review of CRNHR, and the identical ones appear there. This comment however is about Glenfarclas 15 YO.

I see some few bottles still available for $115 at the LCBO. I'm relaxing with the second half of the sample from @paddockjudge that I had earlier reviewed. The vegetal note persists even though I put some water in right away. On the palate I get sherry notes but compared to something like an A'Bunadh this has neither the depth or the breadth. It's not unpleasant but it does not provide anything unique that I cannot get from another sherried dram.

If offered in someone's home I would probably accept. It's not bad, has some flavour, 46% is OK. But I wouldn't likely order it in a bar and I won't spend $115 on it when I can get a 17 YO CS Glendronach single cask for $5 more ( and I did get it, when it was about $80-90 and I wish I got 10).

But tonight I want to toast @paddockjudge's safe arrival at home after the chaos that was yesterday's SOT, and so I chose something that was a gift from him...

11 months ago 0

Nozinan commented

tried the second part of the sample with @Nosebleed. This time I would say this whisky has nothing to recommend it. 10 cc and I couldn't, WOULDN'T finish the dram

5 months ago 0

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