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Dalmore 15 overpowered by wood?

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Reinhard started a discussion

I'm having a Dalmore 15 (while comparing it with very different Glendronach Original 12, but that's beside the point). The Dalmore 15 starts out very sweet, richt, fruity (orange marmalade) on the nose. Then after 10 minutes or so, along comes a oaky influence, I am calling it wood smoke, allthough I am not sure if that's the correct description. This oaky influence is quite strong almost to be point of becoming overpowering the rich fruity side. the sweetness seems to vanish. Added a drop of water but see no change from it.

On the palate, the woodyness also comes through. Is this a typical experience for a Dalmore 15?


10 years ago

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MacBaker62 replied

Unfortunately I would have to agree completely with your assesment. The 15 is a Sherry bomb, but the wood tanins really seem to overpower any fruit flavors you initially get. I think the spirit coming from Dalmore's various stills is excellent, but the over use of different cask types, the low bottling strength, and the excessive use of coloring, leads one to think that the decision makers have really led this distillery down the wrong path. Some of the best Dalmore's seem to be the independant single cask bottlings, bottled at full strength, with no added coloring, and often without chill filtering! The prices of these Independants is also far more affordable!

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Rigmorole replied

I'd say Dalmore 15 is definitely overpowered by Caramel E150. Dalmore really adds a lot of that compared with other distillers. As for the wood you mention, yet is does seem a little bitter to me, as well, despite the fake coloring/sweetner.

Alternatives to the Dalmore 15 might include Glengoyne 17 and Glenfarclas 17. I like those much better. Each of them costs less than the Dalmore 15 (in Oregon USA). You might also try the Auchentoshan Three Wood. It has a nice woody influence that does not overpower.

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Anxyous replied

@rigmorole: Remember that caramel-colouring is actually bitter in itself.

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