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Daviess County 40% Porsche 935

As Is: From the 1976 Porsche 935

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6th Jan 2015


Daviess County 40% Porsche 935
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  • Brand: Daviess County
  • ABV: 40%

...or Out of The Tailpipe, of the miniature model car, where the cork was located. This miniature model car and the whisky it contains are from the estate of the recently deceased father of one of my friends. The Porsche 935 Toys For Boys Decanter was sold in 1976-1977. I debated long and hard as to whether to review this whiskey, because the cork was damaged and slightly leaking. I decided to go forward with a review because the whiskey inside is still quite drinkable

Daviess County Bourbon was distilled at the Charles Medley distillery in Kentucky until the early 1990s, when the distillery was closed. The Daviess County brand is currently owned by the independent bottler Luxco, in St. Lousis. The reviewed sample is from a 15 x 7 inch model Porsche 935 Decanter. The container is ceramic, and contains about 500 ml. The cork is damaged and a small quantity of whiskey has seeped out to generate a whiskey smell about the packaging

Nose: lots of vanilla and caramel; very sweet; decent spiciness, and a little licorice and hickory. Not bad for a 37 yo bottle with a leaky cork

Taste: there is very big very pointed spice in the mouth. Daviess County bourbon remains very sweet; more big caramel; licorice and hickory present strongly. These are rather strong flavours for 40% abv whiskey. This old bourbon is remarkably good after all of these years

Finish: medium-long; this goes a bit sour, bitter, and tannic

Balance: it is hard to say how this whiskey would have tasted when first bottled in the late 1970s. First, we have a leaky cork here, which likely allowed some small amount of air into the bottle over many of these years. Second, this bottle is old enough to exhibit Old Bottle Effect, often showing, e.g. some metallic character, to the flavours present originally. I do perceive very slight metallic influence here, but I probably would not even have noticed it if not for my awareness of the age of the bottle in question

In any case, this is still a very drinkable bourbon, so I am accepting it as it currently is. This has been an interesting experience