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Deanston Virgin Oak

Butter Cream

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@vrudy6Review by @vrudy6

21st Feb 2014


Deanston Virgin Oak
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Meandering thru the plethora of budget whiskies, I run in to this. I looked at the label: no color added, non- chilled filtered, 46.3% abv for $25.99... Ok, "you got my attention." There are not too many reviews out there for this SM. So, I took a leap of faith and purchased it at my local TotalWine. This is a simple whisky. However, its very well done. Sweet, cereal barley, herbal, lemon merengue,yeasty, oily texture, lots of vanilla. With a name like Deanston Virgin Oak, you would think that it would have enough oak to build a tree house, but instead, its just sufficient. Adding a teaspoon of water, It transforms into a butter- cream delight. First opened, there was some noticeable alcohol burn to it, but this is a no age statement. I read somewhere that it's contains 8-10 yr old malts. Decant the sucker for 6 hours and watch it settle like a nice warm sunset in Key West. Easily an every day dram.

In conclusion, The fellows at Deanston are really paying attention to the emerging whisky trend. And they are giving you all that packaged at a low,low price point. Yes it lacks complexity, but when the simplest of things are done with quality ingredients,it could turn out to be a marvel in its own right.

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newlad56 commented

Nice review; have acquired my first and only bottle through a combination of extremely fortuitous circumstances, so I'm opening it after I return from a trip. It'll be my reward for being patient. I will add just two or three drops of water, as the 92.6 proof will have some alcohol burn.

9 years ago 0

vrudy6 commented

Yes, it's a good idea to add a little water. I recently purchased another bottle of this fine dram and I added 1 teaspoon. That should get rid-off the edge.

9 years ago 0

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