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Deanston Virgin Oak


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21st Feb 2014


Deanston Virgin Oak
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Deanston Virgin Oak was simple and fresh dram. Made with young whisky, finished in new oak casks from Kentucky. The young age doesn't show too much. At least not in a bad way.

I actually was a bit skeptic about Deanston Virgin Oak. Fearing that the palate is too young and fruity for me. Fortunately I was wrong. Deanston Virgin Oak is a nice example freshness in balance.

It is young but it isn't too stingy, it's fresh! Even the nose keeps the freshness cool, without making it too crispy. Strong scent of barley really helps there.

Deanston Virgin Oak is like Lolita. The 1997 version directed by Adrian Lyne, because Jeremy Irons has a good whisky tone in his voice. The new version is just as good as Kubrick's. It demonstrates that young version can be good. Like Deanston Virgin Oak.

Nose: Very tenderly but freshly fruity, citrus fruits start the show. Then barley starts to dominate nicely. Hints of honey.

Palate: Sweet and creamy toffee tastes very fresh, might have some vanilla. Tingling oak feels very dry at the back of your throat.

Finish: Bit sweet but mostly dry oak continues to linger. Mildly spicy.

Overall: Very simple but nice dram. New oak is in good balance.

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Victor commented

Thank you for a very nice review, @Rantavahti. I've always liked Deanston Virgin Oak quite a lot. It IS nicely proportioned.

I've never seen estimates of just how old Deanston Virgin Oak actually is, but by, say, Stranahan's malt standards, it is probably "old". It takes a lot of care with new oak mixed with barley whisky to keep the oak in proportion. That's what master distillers are for, saying when a cask is ready, and not allowing them to get overaged.

10 years ago 0

Rantavahti commented

Thanks for the correction, was good when I tasted it and still is :)

I also was wondering about the age and tried to Google it. I've only seen the term "young" but nothing concrete about the age.

10 years ago 0

PeatyZealot commented

Bang for your buck and I think its the only single malt this cheap that has a 46% volume ánd is unchillfiltered:)

10 years ago 0