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Decisions . . . help, please!

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RianC started a discussion

OK, I'm picking up a gin for my partner as an Xmas present and see that JS SB Rye and Wild Turkey Rare Breed are also available at very low (UK) prices.

Question is (and I've been deliberating all day!) the rye or the bourbon? I'm feeling the rye to be honest and hope to pick up a JD SB barrel strength soon so probably best saving the cash for that. Hmmm, it's definitely gobbling at me though . . . .

And no, both isn't an option :) Thanks!

5 years ago

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Mackstine replied

I'm a big fan of the rare breed. The fact that rare breed is at cask strength means more bang for the buck imo.

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I’m quite biased in favour of the Rare Breed. It’s my go-to bourbon at the moment.

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