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stakenblocken started a discussion

I am a whisky lover at the core but I'd have to say that mezcal from the Del Maguey brand is the most complex spirit I have ever tasted. If you're an Islay whisky lover you have to try mezcal. I saw once on tequila.net a review for one of the Del Maguey mezcals where the reviewer sounded especially remorseful for not having discovered mezcal earlier, and he said he could never go back to Laphroaig. I've had a their mezcal from Santo Domingo de Albarradas and I just recently bought the one from Chichicapa which is said to be the smokiest. They just released two new incredibly limited ones, one being San Luis del Rio Azul and the other called Arroqueno, but I was hesitant to buy one because they are much more expensive I don't know too much about them. Does anyone else have experience with Del Maguey or are you planning on seeking out the new ones?

12 years ago

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Victor replied

I had some Del Maguey Chichicapa Monday for the first time, at @Mountrain's suggestion. It is incredibly complex, and morphed furiously in the glass over 45 minutes. At first the nose smelled like smokey horse shit, but that changed in a very good way. Loved the Chichicapa. I don't know that I would generalise about Mezcals being of desirable quality. I had my Del Maguey at a very up-scale pricey DC Mexican restaurant, which carried 5 mezcals and about 75 tequilas. All of their Mezcals were Del Maguey products, and when I asked about other Mezcals they went quiet on the subject. No doubt there are other high quality Mezcals, but apparently few famous ones.

I also nosed, but did not shell out the $ 35 for a dram, the Del Maguey Pechuga (pechuga = bird breast in Spanish). Smoked chicken drippings are added to the agave mash...it smells like barbecued chicken.

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cowfish replied

I'm a big fan of tequila and mezcal. Unfortunately there aren't that many high quality mezcals generally available, but it's a growing category.

Del Maguey is the first of the companies getting small village mezcal out into the world and there are some really interesting ones in their range, everything from Tobala (which is heavily minerally and really strange) to the Pechuga (which afaik is made with fruit and a chicken carcass in the still rather than smoked drippings).

There's a great article about Ron Cooper of Del Maguey in last week's online Class Magazine: diffordsguide.com/class-magazine/…

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Ol_Jas replied

So it sounds like the Chichicapa is the best bet for a peat-freak to get into some Mezcal. Yes?

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cowfish replied

@OlJas You'll be fine with most traditionally made Mezcals - they're pretty much all use agave cooked in pits or smoky ovens, so you'll get a nice slab of smoke whichever you try.

It's not peat smoke, so be don't expect an Ardbeg :)

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