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Different cask types

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Tom92 started a discussion

I saw something I don’t know if I’ve seen before over the weekend. I was doing a stock take of bottles and I came across a 23yo Cadenhead Glen Elgin-Glenlivet that was matured in Bourbon Butts. Bourbon butts is something I have not seen before. Can anyone shed some light on this, is it common? Rarity? Spelling mistake? Further more, do people have a favourite cask size, type or fill? Octave, barrel, hogshead, barrique, puncheon, butt, pipe??? 1st, 2nd, refill, virgin oak, recharred? PX, bourbon, oloroso, moscatel....

4 months ago

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Hewie replied

@Tom92 This caught my interest. I did some reading and there is lots of info out there on the myriad of different sized casks for maturing ale, wine, and spirits etc. "Bourbon butt' raised a bland until I searched with "Cadenhead" as well and came up with this. You were very astute to notice this on the bottle. You're right, it was a misprint whiskydev.asia/whiskydevblog/2017/…

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Frost replied

Good research !

4 months ago 0

Tom92 replied

@Hewie that’s a very good find that. Maybe it is a rarity like a misprinted stamps??

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