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Drink now or later?

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lmann86 started a discussion

How much of your whisky do you buy to drink now and how much do you put away for later? I've started to build quite a stash of unopened whiskys.

13 years ago

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Lars replied

Most of my whisky's are opened except for a few blends, mine you I don't have any duplicates right now. Too eager to try something new and collecting is not an interesting to me.

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Peatpete replied

I am on a limited budget, so I tend to buy what I am interested in drinking, and unless I have a desperate urge for something in particular I rotate thru my collection reasonably evenly.

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ganagati replied

I've historically had all of my bottles opened, but that has slowed considerably as of late. Having gotten past the generic bottles, I'm now more interested in purchasing ones that aren't on every liquor store shelf, and with 10 or so open bottles already, the new ones remain closed up. I'll wait for a more special occasion to get to those.

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I simply can't have something within reach that I haven't tried.

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