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maltster started a discussion

I had a word with easter bunny and I think he will bring me a Glenmorangie Signet - do you have any whisky related plans for the coming days?

12 years ago

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CognacFan replied

Seem's like all reasons are good for a new Whisky. Hahaha! Tasted my first Bourbon yesterday, will probably have some more on Easter. That would be Elijah Craig 12 Yo, very nice, quite potent nose and flavor.

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maltymatt replied

I m planning to open my bottle of Johnnie walker green label,and take some good times with familly and friends!!!

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Abunadhman replied

The lad at my local (medium sized) independent thinks he has a couple of dozen Bruchladdich coming this week and they will be Au. $55.00ea. and his computer describes them as 10yo. He is not sure if they are, in fact, "The Ten" or an older 10yo. He'll put two aside for me &...fingers crossed.

'Would make a great Easter gift, would it not?

Slainte to all members!

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Shrike replied

@maltster From what I've heard that is a solid choice. Wish i could find some near me.

I guess I'll have to go into my cabinet instead of buying a new bottle (I'm poor today), so maybe Wiser' 18 or the rest of my Balvenie Double Wood?

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SquidgyAsh replied

I'm thinking of cracking open the Talisker 10 yr old that I'm buying tomorrow for Easter. Unless I can convince my wife to let me buy another bottle haha. @Maltster Jealous! That sounds like a really yummy choice.

@A'bunadhman How did you find your independent dealer? I've been trying to find some over here in Perth and I've been having no luck whatsoever. I'd like to find one so I can start that special relationship that occurs between a guy who buys whisky and the guy selling him the whisky :D

Slainte to everyone for this Easter holiday and a safe one for everyone!!

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Abunadhman replied

@SquidgyAsh: You might have a look at a couple of online sellers. Nick's Online have a good range with an excellent collection of high end Malts and Ltd. Edns.

A real eye-opener is the SA. Online seller, The Odd Whisky Coy! This guy has hundreds incl. every Australian Malt ever created. I go for a wander through his 'stuff' regularly; he really has some incredible Whiskies and it's a fun site to navigate. Of course, he is a little more expensive but he has the goods!

Cheers and Good Luck.

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Abunadhman replied

@SquidgyAsh: I have not answered your question. I guess you will have to look around.

We are well served, here, in Brisbane with 6 or 7 majors and many independents both large and small: My local fairly large independent ( of a small chain) is an excellent source and has 'Wall to Wall' Bruchladdich. Formerly known as 'The Grape' they trained their staff properly and gave them generous discounts on all stock especially Malt Whisky as part of their education - Full marks for that! They also had a buyers bonus scheme which was rather good and if you purchased expensive Malts your points soon mounted up; so, you would get the occassional free bot. of Malt.

The new owners are Vintage Cellars and not much has changed, and a couple of staff made the transition across. What they did manage to do was lose all my points somehow which was just enough for a top HP. or the Glenfarclas 25 that I like: I was pretty pissed, I can tell you. It could have been a 'naughty staff' thing, who knows?

I still have not answered your question. I guess you will have to find a good outlet with a reasonable selection and become a regular; sometimes your salesperson might take a while to open up but may do so when they begin to recognize you. I have a good rapport with a lass in my closest (small) independent which started out with..."How do you pronounce that?". I wish she carried more stock!

Happy Hunting!

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joshk replied

Have a bottle of Suntory's Hikushu 12 year for Easter week and then switching to Jameson Signature Reserve 1820 for the holiday.

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That would be the Parker's Heritage Collection Cognac finished 10yo, which has just arrived, following a strong recommendation from our very own @Victor. Can't wait to pull the cork on this one. Happy Easter dramming to all!

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