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Elijah Craig 12 Year Old Barrel Proof

Battle of the Batches: Batch B

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@casualtortureReview by @casualtorture

28th Jan 2019


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Part two of my H2H with Elijah Craig Barrel Proof.

This is batch B, and I am muling it for a friend. I am having this side by side with my bottle from batch C.

This is a fresh bottle unlike batch C which I know is not preferable but this glass has been sitting for well over one hour now, so hopefully you will forgive me. Having 2 different batches together at the same time is hard enough as this whisky is now hard to come by.

Neat in a glencairn, this is the higher proof of the two batches by a whole 1%.

Nose: Similar to batch C. Very nutty. Different nuts though. This is more of a salty pine nut. Salted roasted sunflower seeds! That's it. Pine cones and sunflower kernals. Very oaky. Not as sweet or rich as C, more salty and savory, and still delicious.

Palate: Wow! Just wonderful! Sweet and savory combine to create a flavor profile from heaven. Chocolate cake, vanilla, salted pine nuts, spicier than C, not as rich but still has a thick buttery mouthfeel. Salted nuts dipped in chocolate and vanilla frosting. Again, almost a salted butter, dairy quality. I can't get enough. This is a power lifter, elevating flavor to a new level.

Finish: Hot, spicy, oaky finish. Very savory/salty. Salted caramel squares! The finish warms you like an electric blanket.

Overall: Another fabulous whiskey. Heaven Hill have outdone themselves. I will give a very slight edge to batch C but it is completely subjective. C is sweeter/richer, B is more balanced with salty/savory notes. Both excellent. These are two BEASTS OF BOURBON!

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