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Elijah Craig 12 Year Old

Borderline impeccable esp. at $23

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6th Nov 2012


Elijah Craig 12 Year Old
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Rev. Elijah Craig was believed to be the pioneer of bourbon. It was discovered by accident after a distillery fire burned a substantial amount of his American White oak barrels he was using to age his whiskey around 1789. Low on cash to buy new oak barrels he decided to age his whiskey in the least charred barrels he had with which he had no choice but to sell to the local townsfolk. To his surprise it was greatly received by the locals and thus he had begun the quintessential American beverage of Bourbon whiskey. So after a longwinded intro lets see how Heaven Hill honored the pioneer..

Nose: Such a huge and various nose, contains everything a good bourbon should have. Scents of sweet corn, caramel, charred oak, brown sugar, and hints of spice and maybe dried fruits enter the nose.

Body: Medium-heavy and a little pleasant tingling as one performs the Kentucky chew over the tongue yet it very smooth in the realm of dangerous especially at 47%.

Taste: Spicy with rye and cinnamon and the front which slowly turns into a bourbony sweet elixir with corn and brown sugar with a touch of caramel and maple syrup rounding the up end.

Finish: Lingering with continued spicy rye and cinnamon yet very smooth and refined ending absolutely dangerous whiskey.

Overall: I like this whiskey and it seems to compete with whiskies twice its price tag. At $23 it is a borderline impeccable buy especially how well rated it is by expert tasters with Jim Murray being one of them.

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