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Ezra Brooks Old Ezra (7 years)

The power of sweetness

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@sailormanReview by @sailorman

13th Feb 2012


Ezra Brooks Old Ezra (7 years)
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  • Brand: Ezra Brooks
  • ABV: 50.5%

I don’t understand the logics of whisky marketing and sales. There are some hidden gems at a low price that are rarely found in the shelves of liquor stores. Neither do the distilleries advertise them (well, I am not talking about fancy, overhyped releases such as Jim Beam’s Devil’s Cut). One of these forgotten niceties is the Old Ezra 101 (for a more detailed story about Ezra Brooks Distilling Co. and why they ended up with an address in Missouri, just google it). The text on the bottle with the dark brown liquid is loquaciously informative: a “rare” 7 years old “sippin’ whiskey,” matured in a limited number of (charred white oak) barrels, “just kept slowly agin’ and mellowin’.” OK, Old Ezra, let’s check this out! Nose: oaky, but the dominant element is a heavy sweetness. No, it is not caramel or sugarcane… maybe cotton candy, maple syrup… the nose already prepares you for the taste. Taste: the oak is there (well, it should be… it is a 7-year-old bourbon), but the sweetness is absolutely overwhelming. Definitely for the sweet-tooth sippers… a little bit like cough medicine. Finish: sweet, sweet, sweet… the label did not lie: mellow and sweet… dangerously mellow and sweet. Old Ezra is an absolute killer for those who like to sip a heavy and sweet whiskey. Don’t forget that this is 101 – ABV 50,5%. You do not taste the alcohol in your dram, but you will certainly feel the effect after two or three glasses (the persons around you will notice this, too!). Curiously the 101 is not so easily available in the shelves. I had to place an order in my local beverage store. The 0.75 l bottle for $14.99 was a real bargain, but drink responsibly… if not, you will surely see the ghost of Old Ezra.


Victor commented

@sailorman, I very much enjoyed your review. Yes, Old Ezra is not a common bottle among bourbons, but it is quite pleasant. And sweet? Why, yes it is.

12 years ago 0

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