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Friend is Going to Japan...

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JayRain started a discussion

and has offered to bring back a couple of bottles.

My first bottle is the Yamazaki SIngle Cask Sherry Malt 2013 (likely not available but worth the look)

Second bottle is a 15 Year Old Hakushu or 21 Year Old Hibiki.

Not as knowledgeable about the japanese whiskey's (did enjoy the Yamazaki 18 w a touch of water) so welcome other suggestions.

thanks in advance..jr

9 years ago

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Victor replied

Nikka Taketsuru 17. If you are not planning to get it in Canada, get your friend to bring you a bottle. First rate.

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JayRain replied

@Victor - Thanks Victor - my preference is to get stuff that you cannot get here (even w the LCBO Premium but if it is that good will make it Bottle #2

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Victor replied

@JayRain, there is good reason why Taketsuru 17 yo is currently the highest rated Japanese whisky on Connosr.

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A great whisky in my opinion is the Kirin Fuji Sanroku Single Malt 18, it's pricey but really difficult to find anywhere outside of Japan. (Make sure it's the Single Malt!)

Any Shinshu Mars Komegatake expression would be really hard to find outside of Japan.

I would also recommend possibly getting your friend to grab a couple bottles of the widely available blended whiskies here in Japan. They are very affordable and often quit good.

I don't know if it available in other countries but I strongly recommend the recently released Yamazaki Limited Edition 2014. That is a GREAT whisky!!

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Frost replied

These are all good suggestions. So I will add something to make you feel inner torment:

Nikka Yoichi 20 yr.

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JayRain replied

thanks to all - list has been sent and fingers crossed that they secure any of the aforementioned.

To all a good day...jr

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