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George T Stagg bottled 2012

Where's the heat?

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@OnibubbaReview by @Onibubba

10th Mar 2013


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What could be a more appropriate soundtrack to this pour than the high lonesome sounds of Hank Williams III, a true devil born.

Aroma - How am I able to pick anything up other than alcohol? Has Satan gifted me with a Neat glass, or perhaps the nose of a jackal? Best not to question why, and just enjoy. Salted roasted macadamia nuts. Slightly burned coconut cream pie. And alcohol...Who am I kidding. This is thick with the stuff, but it is somehow beat down and thrown around enough to allow some chocolate covered pralines to make their presence known. Some great roasted meat aroma. Perhaps a soul is frying just out of sight?

A small sip begins to coat the tongue with sweetness before a numbing bitterness takes hold of the gums and sides of my mouth. Goes down with only the slightest of burns. Masterful.

Burning wood lingers. The sweetness only the faintest memory on the tongue. What to do but take another taste?

I am convinced that nothing short of a deal with Mr.Scratch himself could have produced something this smooth and yet this powerful. A crossroads deal well struck in my opinion.

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Jonathan commented

This year I have one shot at BTAC bottle (but not PVW). My gut and your inspired review are telling me to go with Stagg.

7 years ago 0

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