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Georgia Moon

Whisky That Isn't Whisky 2 of 2

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@talexanderReview by @talexander

16th Feb 2015


Georgia Moon
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So it is now official - I'm an idiot. In my just-prior review of Dillon's White Rye, I said that the other "whisky that isn't whisky" that I'm reviewing is from Georgia. It's not - it's just called Georgia Moon. It's actually from Kentucky - distilled at Heaven Hill and "bottled by The Johnson Distilling Co." So besides the confusing provenance, this is bottled in a Mason jar. A JAR. This is not easy to pour, marketing wizards. Packaging and labelling, people. Packaging and labelling.

In the US, corn whiskey has to be at least 81% corn distillate. In the US, this is whiskey - the label says very clearly "Corn Whiskey". But the bottle in Canada only says "Corn". They had to leave whiskey off of the label, because hey, it ain't whiskey here. But it's in the whisky section of the LCBO. So it's whisky that isn't whisky.

The colour is, again, clear. Subtle on the nose with sourdough bread, buttered popcorn and many other cereal notes - unaged corn is completely different than unaged rye. Slightly earthy and vegetal. Pleasant (I suppose) but little complexity. I imagine this would be much more interesting at a higher ABV.

On the palate, again - very thin. And very non-descript. Cabbage water with very light background notes of fruit and corn. But overall, nothing really is here.

Almost non-existent finish with nothing left but a feeling that alcohol was at some point in my mouth. I would rate this slightly higher than the Dillon's White Rye but only because it is not unpleasant. Neither is it good. It is as non-descript and without character as the mullet on a third-rate NASCAR driver.

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