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Glen Breton Battle Of The Glen Aged 15 Years Special Edition

Happy Canada Day Part VI

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@talexanderReview by @talexander

4th Jul 2013


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This is a fitting finale to my "Happy Canada Day" series, an unusual Canadian whisky that is impossible to find in my home province of Ontario. This bottling was produced as a celebration of a nine year court battle to keep the "Glen Breton" name on Glenora's single malt. The Scotch Whisky Association sued Glenora, claiming that the word "glen" was a trademark of whisky that is only produced in Scotland. The court cases (which went through appeal after appeal) are well documented in the booklet that comes with the packaging, but finally the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed the SWA's claim and allowed Glenora to keep the name of their brand. Glenora was founded by Scottish descendants, it's stills were made by Forsyths of Rothes, and it imports Scottish barley for distillation. With all that Scottish heritage, you would think the SWA would be a little forgiving! This is a limited bottling of 4200.

The colour is a pale yellow. On the nose, sweet crisp barley sugar, and very fruity with coconut and citrus. Sukhinder Singh said this was very Rosebank like, and he is right. Also quite nutty, with macadamia. A drop of water brings out the oak, with darker fruits. Grassy, floral and altogether extraordinary.

On the palate - delicious. More nuts, with almonds, and more oak than on the nose. Apples and cinnamon. Mouth-drying in just the right way - I love it! With a drop of water, it's even better.

Finish has a developing hint of peat, but only just. Gentle spices with tropical fruits linger...a single malt that stands with the best that any Scottish distillery has to offer. Jim Murray scores this a hefty 94 (as do I), and it is one of the best Canadian whiskies you will ever have. Call the distillery and ask them to ship you a bottle (they did for me), though I have no idea how many they have left. As it was for Glenora, it's a perfect way for you to thumb your nose at the SWA!

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TheConscience commented

A very convincing review! And I never thought to have the distillery ship their product here. Brilliant.

7 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

I'm quite taken by your tasting notes. You also usually and dutifully add the tags. Well done. As for "Canada Day," well, do you really think Canada is a sovereign nation, even after 1982? Or is it merely a part of the Anglo Empire, which also includes the USA, Australia, and other former "colonies"? It's always nice to take comfort from holidays that are meant to make us feel secure and "cared for." Today is the 4th of July. Do I take comfort in that fact as an American? Hardly. But it is a good excuse to drink with my friends since they also have the day off, so to speak. Can I talk with them about my frustrations regarding life in a country with never ending wars abroad and increased surveillance at home in almost every facet of life? No, I can't. They simply can't relate. At any rate, thanks so much for the insightful and well written review of that splendid Glen Breton you enjoyed so very much. www.youtube.com/watch www.youtube.com/watch

7 years ago 0

talexander commented

Thanks @rigmarole for the kind words! It's a pretty fantastic whisky, I hope you get the opportunity to try it.

To some of your other points, I think one can be a real patriot while still disagreeing with the actions of one's government. I love Canada, I consider myself a real patriot - yet I strongly dislike our Prime Minister, the former Ontario premier, and especially our Mayor of Toronto! But I do love this country (which is far more than just what our government represents) and I think a holiday like July 1st gives me the opportunity to remind myself of what I love about Canada (which, by the way, is definitely a sovereign nation, no question!)

I'm not an American, of course, but I know many patriotic Americans who are disturbed by US foreign policy, and the surveillance issues at home. Sorry to hear your drinking buddies don't share your concerns about your government, but rest assured many, many Americans feel the same way you do - and can still love America and rightfully celebrate July 4th.

7 years ago 0

CanadianNinja commented

talexander, your Canada Day reviews have been truly enjoyable to read. Well done, as always.

talexander, rigmorole, I am in total agreement with both of you with regard to your political comments. Well almost, I don't think Canada is a sovereign nation. We are all under the control of the corporations. Period. I think true patriots are people like Noam Chomsky, Bradely Manning, Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald in Amerca, Naomi Klein in Canada and the many other who challenge the powers that be and fight for the betterment of our nations.


7 years ago 0

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