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Glen Orrin 30 yr

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tjb started a discussion

It seems that Aldi are launching their 30 yr old blended Scotch for around £50. They did the same last year so my question is..... Has anyone tried it? I can see no reviews and wondered if there was anyone in the UK who could give it a reference?


I am going to try to get a bottle tomorrow so we will see how it goes.

10 years ago

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sengjc replied

I was out shopping for Christmas ham this year when I spotted a bottle at the local Aldi for a steal of a price. Long story short, I popped open the bottle of Glen Orrin 30 Year Old for Christmas 2014 just for kicks to share with friends during a Christmas lunch and the general consensus is that it is a smooth but uninspiring dram that is quite good value for the price considering the age. Think a watered AnCnoc 12 Year Old with all the lemon meringue less the zesty freshness with a vein of bitter oak and less integration. Some interesting floral nuances on the finish that is short-medium in length.

I wouldn't mind this as an everyday tipple but if you are expecting the complexity and richness normally attributed to aged scotch even at 40% alc, you may be mildly disappointed. Still, I would buy one and drink it, maybe even make it an annual affair around Christmas since this is probably better than the Johnnie Wlakers and Chivas Regals at around the same price point. For a scotch newbie, this could be an interesting introduction.

The Hazelburn CV in the same Christmas lunch lineup was better received.

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