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Glendronach 12 Year Old - Original Double Cask

Very good dram but not the best

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@KMullaneyReview by @KMullaney

25th Feb 2015


Glendronach 12 Year Old - Original Double Cask
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For a standard entry level bottling this is a good representation of the Glendronach line. I think the 15yo ought to be the bottle to have on the shelf. I have the 8yo (discontinued) on my shelf and will get to it in the coming months. This bottle though, I found benefited from a few weeks of oxidization. These notes are toward the bottom of the bottle 6 weeks in.

Nose: Heavy thick sherry, let it settle for 10min and is smooths out and becomes very pleasant. Very sweet; boiled fruits. Some raisins or sultanas. Bit of a sour fruit almost a rind; but just a hint of bitterness. An slight astringent note.

Mouth: Slow development. A sweet note in the middle. A gentle syrupy feel (like cough liquid). Touch of malt. Sour tang.

Finish: Sour. Peppery, slightly hot. A edge of wood. Medium to long finish. Lasting mouth feel (fairly typical)

I would recommend this to friends and whisky converts looking for a decent heavily sherried whisky.

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BigJoe commented

@KMullaney I have just reviewed this one myself. Not exactly what I was expecting it to be and I didn't get that beautiful raisin or sultana note, almost like it was too heavy for that. Fairly accurate review here based on my experience with it, keep them coming.

8 years ago 0