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Glendronach 12 Year Old Original

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@OnibubbaReview by @Onibubba

21st Jan 2013


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To be honest, I was searching for the 15YO, but my choices were the 12 and 18. Well why not start at the beginning? This was right around 54 dollars in Nashville TN. The 18 was selling for 115.

Matured solely in sherry casks, I was expecting a humdinger of a sherry bomb here. Surprisingly, I got something somewhat different.

Nose: Reminiscent of the Balvenie 15. I wasn't expecting that. Honey and butterscotch. Milk chocolate and jerk spices. Raisonettes. I like it a lot.

Taste: This is neat by the way. I rarely add water to my scotch. I tried in the beginning, but it really doesn't do anything for me. Mild honey. Burn comes on very very slowly and never gets intense. Finish is honey and chocolate. Toblerone? Butterfinger?

Lots of chocolate candy notes in this one. But where is the sherry? I just am not getting it at all. This is honey and choccies. And it is smoooooth. I still want to try the 15, but I like this enough as it is to not feel the need to pull the trigger on the 18. Not yet anyway.

Also, I am convinced that this would have been the bomb at 46%. Balvine 15 goes for between 70 and 80 in TN, and at 47% it just barely edges itself out in front of this one. This is a repeat purchase for sure.

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ewhiskey commented

I've never tried the 12 year, but I have had the 15 Revival. I strongly encourage you to try it if you like to challenge your palette. It is easily the richest heaviest scotch that I have tried to date. Very dark! I still haven't figured this one out. I was able to pull out some notes on the palette, cardamon, 80% cocoa chocolate, stewed dates. Extremely complex, but makes a delicious dessert on it's own. Thanks for your review on the 12 year old.


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