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Glendronach 12 Year Old Original

Sweet 'n' Spice

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@MaltMonsterReview by @MaltMonster

29th Mar 2013


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Natural colour and non-chill filtered, this is a wonderful looking whisky. The colour is rich and deep (amber +1.5).

Nose: Vanilla with subtle toffee. Sherry sweetness lends to a whiff of currants and fruit cake.

Palate: Rich, soft mouth-feel. Dates and figs in the initial sweetness with a sherry warmth. Almost a cognac touch to this one. Toffee cream. Oak wood leading to spiciness towards the finish.

Finish: Medium length, dry finish which balances out the initial sweetness nicely. Surprisingly spicy with hints of ginger after taste making this more than just a 2 dimensional dram.

Tannins abound leave a tea-like dryness after the finish tapers off.

Overall a great experience and a really good introduction to sherried whisky. look forward to trying the 15 yo Revival now. Was reluctant because of the sweetness but the excellent balance in this one makes it very moreish.

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WhiskyBee commented

I like this one too. An easy-sipper, but full of flavor. If you like the 12, you should love the 15 -- a true sherry classic.

10 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

Who are you? Where are you from? No buddies? I like this review even though your profile is a blank.

10 years ago 0

MaltMonster commented

Thanks. Only just found out about this website so my profile is pretty empty at the moment I must admit. I am from the UK. I think this review might be in the wrong place. The box/bottle just says Glendronach Original, but is bottled at 43% and is in the same case as the picture for the "double cask". Although this one is matured in two separate sherry casks it doesn't say double cask in the title. Even so I think this review should be under the Double Cask.

Thanks, I can't wait for the 15, I think I might get it soon so I can try them side by side.

10 years ago 0

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