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Glenfarclas '105'

Glenfarclas 105: Cask Strength Finesse

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@WhiskyOClockReview by @WhiskyOClock

22nd Aug 2009


Glenfarclas '105'
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Cask strength punch with the expected smoothness and balance of Glenfarclas. I find this dram much easier to tame down the alcohol with some water compared to Aberlour a'bunadh. Toning down the alcohol really lets this malt shine. Full flavored with touches of sweetness, fruit, spice, and sherry on the palate. If you find a'bunadh a little too sherried and alcoholic, then Glenfarclas 105 should hit the spot, even with a slight sacrifice of complexity. At cask strength, a good value for the money.

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JohnoftheYard commented

This is fantastic value for money with a great taste, really takes your breath away but with some great notes coming out with water, second favorite cask only behind the A'bunadh.

14 years ago 0

Matthew_Gidley commented

i took a bottle of this to iceland in winter (the country, not the supermarket). drunk neat it gives you the old ready brek glow that'll keep the chilliest northern winds at bay. a true classic.

14 years ago 0

galg commented

just reviewed it myself. smoking dram. ideal for winter.

14 years ago 0