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Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Solera Reserve

Smooth, easy, and fruity

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9th Aug 2012


Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Solera Reserve
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Glenfiddich was my introduction to single malts when my late father-in-law poured me a dram of the 18yo several years ago. Until then, slamming back a few JW Reds on the rocks was my idea of Scotch drinking. (The horror, the horror!)

Since I developed a taste for a wide range of single malts, I've sampled the 12yo and the 18yo, but this 15yo Solera is, for me, the best and most unique of the lot. Its lightness and easy drinkability make it a good intro to single malts for blend drinkers, yet it's complex enough to satisfy the anoraks. A good start to an evening's tasting before moving on to the heavy stuff.

Nose: A serious fruit blast at first. Mostly melons and apples -- I sense very little citrus. Settles down after a while into a mellow pound cake with a hint of smoke.

Arrival: Cake, vanilla, apples, and a hint of orange rind.

Development: Most powerful part of the experience so far. Nuts, caramel, more vanilla, and slight sprinklings of salt and pepper.

Finish: Smoky, slightly bitter, very mild, but long-lasting.

The is the one Glenfiddich that's a must-have-at-all-times in my cabinet. Not particularly challenging, but wholly satisfying in its own way.

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WhiskyBee commented

This was my first attempt at a whisky review and I'm surprised, some 14 months on, that my tasting notes remain about the same. I think I've developed a more discerning palate in that time, however, such that the bitterness I noticed in the finish is present throughout the tasting experience, and it's less tolerable now. I'm now on my third bottle of 'fiddich 15, and I might buy another one eventually, but I'd now rate it at no more than 86...if I'm in a generous mood.

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