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Glenfiddich Experimental Series Project XX

Tun 1509 Junior

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@cricklewoodReview by @cricklewood

14th Oct 2017


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I attempted an abridged version of my recent blog post.

I have been looking forward to this whisky since the press release last year, I almost asked a friend to bring some back from the US but then found out the KGBO would get some in September so I waited patiently.

I won't re-explain the concept behind this edition since others have done so, @talexander superb review provides the lowdown.

I’m stoked that Canadian brand Ambassador Beth Havers is the one who chose the port pipe. She knew that the combination of ‘Fiddich and port pipe was rare and bound to be interesting. I wish I could taste that straight from the cask, even one of those rich bourbon cask other reviewers have been swooning over. C’mon William Grant and sons! A single barrel, cask strength…doesn’t have to be that old, let’s say 12-14yrs…I’m  daydreaming again.

I’ll save my NAS rants for later, proceed with your own set of rules. I wanted to taste what a junior TUN 1509 treatment would do for Glenfiddich.

Nose: Grape candies, the smell of brioche dough left to rise, a bushel of apples and pears, vanilla & oak. After some time the rich malt scents are met with a light cinnamon, allspice, then milk chocolate covered raisins and sugar pie.

Palate: Rhum baba, fresh pressed apple cider, vanilla extract and marshmallows. It’s got a pleasant sharpness, oak tannin are present with tons of good dried fruits, abricotine (apricot croissant). The mouth feel is full and pleasant.

Finish: Long, precise and the spices are still there. Baked apples, cake batter, plump raisins, a little leafy side and almond cream.

I could drink this endlessly, perfect dram for autumn, rich and dense, the sherry and port cask make their presence known against the round sustained sweetness of the ex-bourbon barrel.

As per Ms. Havers mention on the whisky topic podcast this will become a permanent expression, well the model of this vatting will remain. Good new as long as the quality remains as high as this. Sadly we are losing 14yr rich oak and 15yr old distillery edition, can we get that cask strength single barrel now??

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BlueNote commented

@cricklewood Sad news about the 15 Distillery Edition. I love that one. The XX sounds excellent, what kind of money is it going for?

about one year ago 0

OdysseusUnbound commented

Thanks for the review. I think many of us would be salivating if there were more single cask/cask strength releases. And I think we can all dream on. pensive

about one year ago 0

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