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Glenlivet 12 Year Old

Shame, shame, shame

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@DellnolaReview by @Dellnola

23rd Feb 2011


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Nose: Spirity harshness combined with citrus. The result is an aroma that reminds me of some sort of generic household cleaner. For a whisky bottled at 40%, this one sure does jump up the nose. 

Palate: pleasant sweetness, malty, woody, not offensive at all, just not very characterful. 

Finish: a bit sharp, citrus but without the household cleaner. 

This is what you get when volume takes priority over quality control. Of course that is an assumption, but it seems as though this distillery has so much potential (the Nadurra 16 for example, review on that later) but doesn't often show it. You'll never be able to convince me that you get what you pay for in this case because there are so many very affordable whiskies that are of very high quality. Please, Glenlivet, flex your muscles. Show off what you're capable of and do it at an affordable price! You have this gift of a huge market that will buy your product simply because it's there. Of course you don't need to produce a 12 year old of higher quality because you need the money. Produce a higher quality of the 12 year old because you can! 

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Carl commented

Well, I guess I will be able to pass judgment on the 15 year old French Oak Reserve on Saturday. I bought a bottle for my brother's birthday. It is years since I had a Glenlivet. I did get a bottle of the 12 year at that time, it being my first single malt. All I remember thinking was that there really was nothing remarkable about it. A bit later on, I got a bottle of Ballantines 12 year at a duty free store, which I found great. After that, I tried Ballantine's Finest many times, and preferred it to the Glenlivet. Years later, I do find many single malts that are remarkable. I am now 61 years old, and how I wish that I had discovered single malt whisky a long time ago, instead of just a few months ago. The worldwide demand is so high now, that I suspect a lot of distilleries are cranking out products of somewhat less quality than before, to keep up with the demand. Being new to the whisky scene, I cannot say firsthand, but I do read a lot of whisky reviews and comments that reflect this opinion. Then I try to base my tastings and purchases on that. Here's to happier tastings ahead! Cheers, Carl

10 years ago 0

Dellnola commented

Happier tastings are indeed ahead. My next reviews are of the Bladnoch 18 year old, Mortlach 16 year old Flora and Fauna, Rosebank 12 year old Flora and Fauna, Glenfarclas 15 year old, Highland Park 30 year old, the original strength Highland Park 21 year old at 47.5%. For every disappointment in the whisky world, there are 10 stunners!

10 years ago 0

jasonbstanding commented

I'd be interested to know just what your expectations are for £24 a bottle.

10 years ago 0

Dellnola commented

My expectation of any whisky, regardless of price, is that I enjoy it. I did not enjoy this whisky. There have been whiskies in this price range that I have enjoyed. Just because a whisky is cheap does not give it a free pass to be crap. Granted, this is not a crap whisky, however, Glenlivet is capable of better.

I'm sticking by my review of this because that's how I felt about this bottle.

10 years ago 0

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