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Glenlivet 12 Year Old

Consistently Underwhelming

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@MrAnon12345Review by @MrAnon12345

24th Jan 2010


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I'm not sure why I'm underwhelmed by this scotch. Perhaps it's that it does nothing exceptionally well, and many things half-decently. The nose is light - a bit of oak, a bit of sweetness, a bit of citrus, but nothing in abundance. Taste is a forward flavor that I can describe no better than "generic Scotch." Again, a tiny bit of oak, but no smoke and no peat. A very quick finish, very clean, with a tiny hint of acidity.

None of these things are actually bad - this bottle is very good at what it does. It just doesn't do much of anything; certainly nothing worth writing home about. Don't cut it - it's light and smooth enough by itself.

Most of the time you can do better at the same price. However, as one other reviewer has remarked, this is notable as a great gateway scotch. It's among the smoother, lighter single malts; it has hints of many things present in nicer whiskies, without an overabundance of anything.

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manningsmith commented

completely agree with you.

13 years ago 0

MFish85 commented

I've got to agree too, while it was my first Scotch and it's not necessarily bad, I don't feel there is anything there. Like you said, very underwhelming.

13 years ago 0

Lars commented

One of my first bottles of scotch I ever purchased. Disappointing now, like you said does not seem to do much of anything. To be honest I'm glad it's done more room in the bar for tastier ones.

12 years ago 0

smoothhead commented

Yeah I agree, it's inoffensive and is ok, satisfactions pretty low though.

12 years ago 0

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