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Glenlivet 12 Year Old

Safe and Rounded

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@vrudy6Review by @vrudy6

9th Mar 2014


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On vacation here in Orlando Florida, and I had no choice but to order Glenlivet 12. Like in most bars, this and Glenfiddich were the only single malts available. And To be honest, I can't stand Glenfiddich. Bottled at 40%, it's very approachable. It's delicate and rounded. First, I get a sweet maltiness that's quiet pleasant, followed by measured deliveries of caramel, apples, pears and traces of honey and hay. Then, a minute puff of smoke almost untraceable. But, it all comes together rounded, in great precision. I also found it deceiving oily.

I've had this many times, especially in the 50ml little bottles, and I never remembered it being this soft and pleasant. I guess it's been open for a while and it's been pounded by oxidation. No wonder it's the number selling single malt; it's a very safe whisky to drink. Nothing overwhelming.

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vrudy6 commented

I went to the Glenlivet website and in their whisky process they mention that during their distillation they only keep the heart of the whisky and that the head and tail of the distillation process its recycled. What do they mean by recycled? recycled into what? Can someone share some light?

7 years ago 0

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