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Glenlivet 12 Year Old

Interesting and (too?) delicate

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@LordGlascarnochReview by @LordGlascarnoch

13th Sep 2014


Glenlivet 12 Year Old
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I bought this 1-litre bottle in an airport for a good price. It was not in my wishlist but when I saw its price I thought... why not?

Nose. Elegant and subtle, it brings back my memories to a mix of wet granite stone, wet grass and fern. Floral notes come just after along with citrus, apple, (sweet?) pineapple. Pleasant, though quite discrete.

Palate. Pineapple and vanilla dominate and some mineral notes also appear. Pleasant and delicate, but it lacks some strong stuff, I couldn't determine exactly what. Remembers me some delicate white wines from South West France that would have been left just too much time opened in the fridge.

Finish. Medium and pleasant, with refreshing anise and eucalyptus counterbalancing a tough sensation of pure alcohol. Eventually, some cinnamon makes the finish rounder and enjoyable.

This whisky is worth trying as an initiation to malt tasting, because it provides an easy approach to some complexity and elegance without excess. Its age might explain the lack of something stronger.

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vrudy6 commented

I totally agree! Its got all the different flavors expected of a single malt, but very subtle. I guess I could say that it's right in between the single malts that we like, and the blends that we are trying to forget. Great review!!

9 years ago 0

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