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Glenmorangie 18 50% off in the UK with voucher

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RikS started a discussion

Not sure if I'm posting this in a place where one shouldn't, but it's only meant to be helpful: for those who are in the UK and interested, I just got a notice that Ocado is currently selling Glenmorangie 18yrs with 50% discount if you use the code VOU4161768 (from £90 to £45).

6 years ago

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BlueNote replied

@RikS I would be all over some of that if I were where you are.

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RianC replied

Thanks! We get our shopping delivered by Ocado . . just this evening in fact! I'll have a look at that for next week :)

Just tried it but not working! hey ho - thanks anyway :)

6 years ago 0

RikS replied

Hey, im sorry if it didnt work. Maybe i got it because i have the “annual pass” or what they call it. Ive just confirmed its on the list i got here in a special offer email.

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RianC replied

@RikS - No worries! Probably just synced to your email or something! Great deal though - I didn't realise how many bottles they sold . . . dangerous ground right there ha!

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