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Glenmorangie Lasanta

Much Promise...

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@AbunadhBatch29Review by @AbunadhBatch29

28th Sep 2011


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This was a whisky that I had high hopes for, but it's not one that I have never got to grips with. I didn't find the taste especially palatable and have wondered if it is my palate that isn't refined enough for this whisky. However, I also wonder whether its confused as to what is meant to be. It feels as though it has lots of potential with many delicate yet powerful flavours but for me the mixture of these unfortunately makes it more complicated than enjoyable.

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Bigtuna commented

I found it had a tad bit of a sulfur after taste, however the dram I had came from a bar here in town and it was about 3/4 empty. I'm not too sure of how long it had been opened. I wouldn't buy a bottle after my tasting, however I'm willing to try another dram from a fresher bottle.

11 years ago 0

AboutChoice commented

@AbunadhBatch29, well, as you suggest, it could be your palate ... or maybe not. Since you didn't mention it, I'll just add that Lasanta is matured in bourbon oak casks for 10 years, and then 2 more years in casks that held Spanish Oloroso Sherry. You already know what big-time 100% sherry is like (Abunadh), but now here is Lasanta, with only a noticable sherry finish. But maybe you are spoiled from the monumental Abunadh :)

Lasanta is one of my favorite softer sherried whiskies, and in fact, I just picked up another bottle. I don't feel it to be a great whisky by any means, but I find it (and Quinta Ruban) very delicious and drinkable, and quite suited as an introduction for newbies, even at 46%. I recently brought a bottle to a weekend event where folks were drinking bourbon, moonshine and Black Bush ... and at the end, there was no Lasanta left to bring back ! I'd buy your bottle, if we were a bit closer :)

11 years ago 0

Sokvichet commented

I found this to be sulphured as well. I tasted from a brand new bottle that I purchased on recommendation. I'm very sensitive to sulphur flavors - The Benriach 1994 Oloroso hurt me so bad that I couldn't even think about whisky for a month without unsettling my stomach. This one isn't nearly as bad, so most folks could probably look past it. I tasted enough to wish I could get past the sulphur to enjoy what might be a great dram. As it is, it sits in the back of my cabinet...

11 years ago 0

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