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PeatyZealot started a discussion

IETY. In my quest to understand the business side a bit better: Is this goodnews? It does sound like it to me

9 years ago

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Alexsweden replied

Sells it to who?

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Jules replied

"Sells it to whoM"

(förlåt @ Alexsweden - it's a bad habit of mine, I used to teach English :)

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Nozinan replied

either way...

WHO is buying it?

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olivier replied

A group of private investors ... not really encouraging. I would hate to see the SMWS be solely driven by short-term profit so the investors can turn around and re-sell at a profit.

Don't get me right, I am not against profit, but if it means the SMWS is going to start bottling at 40% with mixed NAS batches all named in Gaelic, then that is where I draw the line between honest profit and parasitic behaviour.

I'll be at the SMWS in a couple of weeks; I'll try to get a feeling for the positiveness with which the news is being received.

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Alexsweden replied

No offence taken @Jules, I can appreciate a man of principle. I'll blame it on my phone's auto-correct.

I've only had one run-in with the smws. At a whisky expo. Seemed like people interested more in whisky than in making money..

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