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Glenmorangie Signet

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stakenblocken started a discussion

Of course I wouldn't protest if anyone wanted to pour me a glass of Macallan 30 yr, but Glenmorangie Signet is the only very expensive scotch I'm genuinely interested in trying. Has anyone tried it? Is it worth it? I see it listed at around $200 most places I see it and I've never spent that much on a bottle of booze before.

12 years ago

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Victor replied

Signet is quite unusual and distinctive. It is well worth trying. Whether you want to spring for a bottle at $ 200 for a bottle I would suggest you postpone until after a taste or two. I bought a bottle for $ 163.50 and am happy to have it. I like it very much, though I do agree with Jim Murray that the wood flavours are not great. Still, the roasted malt flavour profiles of chocolate and coffee are quite interesting. I expect the popularily of Signet to lead to a lot more roasted malt whiskies being produced in the future.

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Taste is so subjective - only you can say for sure whether it's worth that much to you. I understand that's not a particularly helpful answer, is it?

Where are you located? Master of Malt sell Signet as part of their Drinks By the Dram offering:


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