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Great Southern Distillery Limeburners Tiger Snake Sour Mash Bourbon Style Batch 2

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@SquidgyAshReview by @SquidgyAsh

20th Oct 2012


Great Southern Distillery Limeburners Tiger Snake Sour Mash Bourbon Style Batch 2
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  • Brand: Great Southern Distillery
  • ABV: 43%

Thanks to the Perth Connosr Member, Whiskybaz, I was able to attend a local free whisky tasting featuring my favorite Australian distillery, Limeburners!

I'd tried a new expression that I'd never tried before, which was good, a cask strength Limeburners which was even better and now that I'd said hello to everyone I was getting ready to start on the whisky I'd really come for.

The Tiger Snake Sour Mash Bourbon style.

Western Australia's first official bourbon style whisky or so I was informed.

I was extremely eager to try this as I love my bourbons and loving Limeburners I couldn't wait to see what their spin on it would produce.

When it was first released there was only something like 300 or so bottles. This is because ALL of Limeburner releases are single barrels which means that once it's gone, it's gone.

I'm informed that this is their second batch which is quite a bit cheaper then the first once which had run for roughly $250 a bottle.

The first thing I noticed about this whisky was it's colour.

It's pale.

Very very pale.


The last time I had a whisky THIS pale it was moonshine.

I'm crossing my fingers that I enjoy this one.

I nose my glencairn with some fear and the first thing to hit my nose is alcohol.


In my personal opinion when you smell or taste alcohol on a spirit or beer it means something has gone wrong.

Yes beer is alcohol.

Yes whisky is alcohol.

If I want the flavour of alcohol I'll drink vodka. If I want something flavourful I drink whisky or beer.

Again this is just my personal opinion.

There's some slight hints of fruit, some hints of spice, but it's all drowned out by the aroma of alcohol.

Not very pleasant and while there is something about this that makes me want to nose this whisky more and more to pinpoint everything, I'm not very excited about taking a drink.

However to really put this whisky through it's paces it does indeed need to be drunk.

It's not as bad as I was afraid of. No it doesn't mean that it's great or even really good, but it's not foul.

There is a small hit of spices that is almost immediately swallowed up by the alcohol with just the tiniest hint of pear peeking out through it all. It's not bad like I said.

Just not great.

The finish is fairly sweet with just a hint of the fruit shining through.

Honestly this whisky while not being bad, it's not awesome. And sadly it's not worth the $130 to $150 per bottle that it's running.

It feels and smells young. Unfinished.

It looks unfinished.

I expect a bourbon style whisky to be dark and beautiful.

Sexy even.

Not something that looks almost like panther piss, as my father would say.

I would have loved to see this whisky after another year or so in the cask. I think that would have really raised it up another level or two, make it something sexy.


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