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Hakushu in the US?

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stakenblocken started a discussion

I didn't think this was available in the United States but I saw it at Hi Time Wine in Costa Mesa, CA yesterday sitting next to the Yamazakis and the Hibiki. They only had the 12 year old. It cost $56 and I decided to buy it because I had wanted to try it and I had never seen it in person before. In short, it's great, it's better than the Yamazaki 12 yr and I feel that it was worth the price. Has anyone else in the U.S. seen this or any other expressions? I'm most curious about the heavily peated one.

12 years ago

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Mantisking replied

It's available in MA at Julio's.

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JoeVelo replied

Saw it in ABC in Florida for around 50$

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chrisbator replied

Pretty sure D&M in San Francisco has some.

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@stakenblocken hi! I went to a hakushu tasting at 7grand in la an according to the brand ambassador the peated one doesnt exist in the US. I guess the wife of the master distiller packed it for him when he left japan for us o taste. Its very delicious. I dont think its overtly smokey like an ardbeg 10 but the smoke comes out towards the end. Very nice stuff. I find the smoke to be more of a char as opposed to mesquite wood

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