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Harry's Last Stand - A Legacy

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Nozinan started a discussion

As many of you may have heard, Harry Leslie Smith died this morning in a hospital in Belleville Ontario.

I had never heard of him until he jumped onto my twitter feed. You can find him @harryslaststand or #IStandwithHarry. He was a WWII fighter pilot who survived the depression and devoted his last years of life to advocating for the poor, refugees etc...

Whatever political views one may have, I think most of us would agree that a man in his 90s visiting refugee camps is impressive on its own.

Harry developed pneumonia and sepsis in Belleville a week or so ago. I don't know the details of how he ended up in Belleville but he asked his son to use his twitter account to chronicle his admission and illness and I think he did so in a very sensitive way. This went viral, with well-wishes coming from all over the world from politicians, world leaders and ordinary folk like Harry.

I think there would likely be a lot to unpack from his twitter feed but there is no doubt this wise man is leaving a legacy, and so tonight I will be toasting him with a dram of Wiser's Legacy.

I would like to invite all of you to join me in this. At 7 pm EST, which I believe is midnight GMT and 4 pm Pacific Coast North America time, I will attempt to create a multi person facetime video conference for those people I know who are interested (private message me your iPhone numbers) or for those of you who prefer to do things the "old fashioned way", I will attempt to set up a zoom conference via computer. Zoom is free for short meetings and if I am successful in setting it up I will add details below.

Please join me with Wiser's or your dram of choice tonight at 7 pm EST!

5 months ago

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Nozinan replied

Here are the details for the Toast to Harry:

Topic: Legacy meeting Time: Nov 28, 2018 7:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting zoom.us/j/2228311225

I tested it out and it seems to work.

You will need to either download the zoom app on your smartphone or install it on your computer.

I will try to activate the meeting on the hour and will proceed with the "meeting" shortly after. If this works it could be a platform for connosr tastings in the future. We can taste together on different continents!

See (?) you then!

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Nozinan replied

And we're LIVE - and it's working!

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Nozinan replied

So it worked, but only 2 of us were on.

Cheers Harry!

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I am only settling in now. I’m going over a presentation I’m leading tomorrow and sipping some Glenfarclas 105. Here’s to Harry.

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paddockjudge replied

@OdysseusUnbound, I look forward to joining with you at the next cyber meeting. This evening I toasted Harry with a custom blended Legacy using Canadian Rockies 17 YO (50% abv.) and Lot No. 40 Cask Strength 2017 (55% abv.). Initially neat and then with a splash of water - brilliant both ways!

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BlueNote replied

I was listening to an interview with Harry from a few years ago that was rebroadcast on CBC radio a couple of a days ago. His message was simple and clear. Quit messing up the planet, quit killing each other, and share the wealth with those less fortunate. A most human of human beings. I toast you with a dram of Teacher’s, a simple old school blend while listening to Bill Evans’ Peace Piece. RIP Harry, you’ve earned a rest.

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