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Hazelburn 12 Year Old 2010 Release

A Summer Dram

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@talexanderReview by @talexander

12th Jul 2012


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This weekend my vacation starts (a week with my daughter at a family resort off of Georgian Bay in Ontario), and since I'm not bringing any whisky with me, I better get some tastings in now!

Of course, I'm a huge Campbeltown fan, so I was very happy to find the Hazelburn 12. I enjoyed the CV (rating it an 86) so I was eager to try this one!

The colour is light gold with yellow highlights. On the nose, it is light, citrusy, with a whiff of Hershey's milk chocolate(!) I get rising dough, some brine and iodine. Water brings out more malted barley notes. Very clean but also very light.

The palate is much like the nose, with lemon zest and salty brine - medicinal but also light-bodied. Good summery character. Water changes the mouthfeel from zippy to creamy, adds some of those milk chocolate notes I picked up on the nose. Quite refreshing, and if memory serves, more body than the CV.

The finish is clean and crisp, with some Middle Eastern spices on the back like cumin. Nice long, gentle, exotic finish. Very close to the CV, but despite the lightness it does seem to have a little more body. Perfect for a hot day like today, methinks.

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maltygirl commented

I found it interesting when I first opened my Hazelburn 12 yo it was light, fruity with an undertone of toffee, vanilla and nuts..this was about a month ago. I poured myself some just now and it has lost practically all its fruitiness. It has transformed into what seems to be a dessert scotch. The vanilla and caramel nose is so sweet that it reminds me of a nice rum. The palate now is cocoa, coffee, still nutty but the vanilla and caramel is so prominent. It really is lovely and one of my favorites at the moment. Since Springbank only devotes 10% of its production efforts to Hazelburn, this malt is hard to find. Although it's kind of pricey for a 12 yo, I'm willing to pay it because it's that good and different. Thank goodness I was able to procure another bottle to appreciate at a later date. I also have a Hazelburn 8 yo waiting in the wings but I have read it doesn't hold a candle to its older brother.

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