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Hi All! Long time no seen! :-)

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RikS started a discussion

Greetings fellow Connosrs! Just a quick note to say "long time no seen, glad to see you're all still here alive and kicking". I've been a bit snowed under with home-working, school closures, covid restrictions, travel bans, absent nannies, etc etc... I'm sure same-same as many others, but I was missing y'all so it's nice to see all the familiar faces and banter again.

11 days ago

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paddockjudge replied

Haven’t forgotten about you @RikS. Holding on to this gem for you. I know it’s gonna blow your mind.

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RianC replied

Hi @RikS! Good to see you back on the site. Hope all is well?

10 days ago 0

RikS replied

@RianC Hi Rian! All is good. Crazy times, but I'm sure you've all been over that discussion on here in my absence so won't rehash that one. Most importantly - we're all healthy and good, and hope you are too!

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BlueNote replied

@RikS Good to have you back and glad to hear you and yours are healthy.

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