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Highland Park 18 Year Old

HP 12's Assertive Big Brother

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@UisgeJonReview by @UisgeJon

20th Jan 2013


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If you read my previous review of the Macallan 18, you know that the Macallan ended up in my hand on accident... and what a beautiful accident it was! However, THIS is really what I came to order. Treating myself to the Macallan 18 and the Highland Park 18 in one night was a fantastic desicion.

Nose: Peat, campfire smoke, swirling with fruit and sherry. I love it. A bit of saltiness there too, which is great. Quiet, but powerful. Balanced.

Palate: My kind of dram. Warm, peaty, smoky, but really remarkably intricated with fruits, salt and sweetness. You get the best of all worlds here. The mesquite campfire smoke is incredibly enjoyable. Biiiiig smiles here!

Finish: Long, oaky, smoky, warm... in my opinion, the way it should be. A swirl of sherry and fruit creeps back into view too, reminding you that they're thre.

Putting this next to the Macallan 18 is a tough prospect. Both incredibly delightful drams, for two very different reasons. For a straight-up sweetness and sherry influence, Mac 18 is perfect. For the smokiness and more complexity, HP 18 is a gem. Can't compare the two, they are both delightful depending on what you're in the mood for.

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BlissInABarrel commented

This is interesting ! I just had both the glenrothes select reserve and hp 18 last week. I wonder if the hp 18 has been open for awhile when you ordered it because it has the tendency to go towards the smoky route after its been open. At my scotch event we cracked the bottle open then and there...so there were a lot if tannins and sherry/maraschino profile white the smoke was secondary. My hp st. Magnus had a dark chocolate plum coffee profile at first and 3 months later it was Britney. But all in all the characteristics were great and yummy

9 years ago 0

UisgeJon commented

I'm pretty sure this bottle had been open a while. That's one draw-back of getting a Whisky at a bar - you never know how long it has been open. This bottle was over half gone, so it's quite possible it was opened a while ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it would be interesting to try a fresh bottle!

The St. Magnus seems like a fantastic bottle. Highland Park has so many expressions. It would be amazing to have the chance to try all of them some day. One can dream, can't he?

9 years ago 0

BlissInABarrel commented

A dream can turn into a reality my dear friend. When I was at the Highland Park distillery I got to sample a few things : hp 1978, hp 40 yr old, hp 21, hp 25, hp 18, hp dragon, bicentennial , hjarta , Thor and st. Magnus. And I got to try a few things straight from the cal through the tour :)

9 years ago 0

UisgeJon commented

Pleaaaaaase hook me up with your ambassador buddy!! That sounds so ridiculously awesome. Wow!

9 years ago 0

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