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Highwood's Mt. Logan

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Nelom started a discussion

Highwood has launched a new expression called Mt. Logan. Sadly for those of us not in Alberta, it's exclusively for Liquor Depot. Mt. Logan comes in 5, 10 and 20 year old varieties, and appears to be using the same bottle as Ninety 5 YO.

Their tweet: twitter.com/HighwoodDistill/status/…

And some pictures of them on the shelves at a Liquor Depot location: imgur.com/a/0p1ZJ

I've seen no reviews or flavour notes as of yet, but Chip Dykstra is Alberta-based, maybe he'll review it one of these days.

8 years ago

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Astroke replied

Here's another gem that Highwood put together for Fountana Group for Taiwan, what a crying shame.

Reviewed by Serge.

Canadian Rockies 35 yo (79.3%, OB, Canadian, for Taiwan, 2016) Four stars and a half Quite possibly the oldest Canadian whisky ever bottled indeed. It's from Highwood Distillers, distilled in 1980, and was bottled at cask strength (well I hope it was, at this insane strength!) by the Fountana Group, for lucky Taiwan. Colour: gold. Nose: I don’t find much rye in there (but there might be some), this is more bourbony, with some vanilla and some pastries (say croissants), as well as some funny hints of sugar cane, but no varnish and no nail polish remover, which is surprising at this super-high strength. Almost miraculous. But quick, water… With water: square, straight, on vanilla cake with drizzles of light honey and cinnamon sauce. Almost millimetric, meaning 100% accurate and focussed. Mouth (neat): the alcohol bites you, but you do notice some lovely liquorice and vanilla, as well as a floral side. Perhaps even oranges. With (the obligatory) water: mellow, with plenty of honey and vanilla sauce, plus some triple-sec and a wee touch of ginger wine. A very discreet sappiness. You may ad a lot of water, it swims extremely well and remains pleasant at 20% vol., which is very uncommon. Finish: long, ueberclean, more or less on orange-flavoured maple syrup. We’ll have to try that one day, maple syrup with orange juice. Comments: totally immaculate. High-precision Canadian whisky. I’ll have to check but this glorious oldie may be my favourite Canadian whisky ever – not that I’ve tried thousands mind you, I’m not Davin. SGP:640 - 89 points.

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