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Holiday Plans?

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casualtorture started a discussion

I'm curious what people are planning this year for holidays. Pretty sure most of the US will be in some form of lockdown, and even if they aren't, my house will be very, very limited in who we see in person. Anyone have some alternative plans? I'm trying to think of a good way to tell 2020 to screw itself on Dec 31 in a way that involves whisky.

9 days ago

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TracerBullet replied

We are keeping to ourselves for Thanksgiving next week but my parents are planning to visit at Christmas. We will see if that still happens. Both my boys are doing college online only (and have been since this crap began). If my dad does make it here, I plan to open a bottle of Caol Ila. It is the same bottle that we both brought back from our 2018 trip to Islay. His bottle did not survive the trip home.

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Nozinan replied

We usually travel to shop for whisky (er....visit my in-laws) in Calgary every December. This works out because my family doesn't celebrate Christmas.

Last year we were overseas for my great aunt's 95th birthday so didn't go.

This year we are staying put because of COVID. So I will be working most days in the second half of December for the first time in about a decade. But because the call schedule was made before we knew travel was out, I'll have my evenings and weekends free.

I think it would be nice to have a Connosr party to kick away 2020. Any thoughts?

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YakLord replied

Stay home, maybe see the three other people (another family) in our bubble. Lots of video conferencing to see other family members.

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RianC replied

@Nozinan - an xmas /new year Zoom sounds like a plan. I'd be up for that, times permitting.

As for xmas, lock down will most likely be in effect, or at least enough restrictions to make any mingling damn near impossible, so I doubt I'll head back north this year to see family as was the original plan. In laws are local but her Dad is in a vulnerable group so it's looking to be a Christmas at home.

Not all bad though, get a fire on, lots of good food, drink and 'relaxing' while watching my lads enjoy their presents. Sounds OK to me and I can potentially stay in my xmas pants all day ... grin

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Alexsweden replied

I suppose zoom is maybe the closest many of us will have a chance to be to our relatives this holiday season. I'm staying put at home and probably will not have a get-together with anyone outside of the household. It's quite depressing really

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RianC replied

@Alexsweden - with having two toddlers, life with Covid hasn't affected us as much as others - we had no life anyway ha!

I really do feel for those alone, especially the elderly and the younger generation. I can't imagine being 18 - 30 (ish), and single in particular, and not being able to socialise at will. I'd have been climbing the walls.

I guess we all have to find ways of finding any positives we can. It will be killing my Mum not seeing her Grand kids.

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