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How large is your whisky club?

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lmann86 started a discussion

I am curious how many others are involved in whisky clubs. Are they formal? Do they meet on a regular basis? What city are you based? I belong to a formal group based in STL of 119 members. Scotchstl.com Check it out if you live in the area!!

11 years ago

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olivier replied

Our club is limited to 35 members so that each 70cl bottle we taste can be divided into 2cl tasters. There are usually 3-4 people on the waiting list at any given time and about 5-10 people turnaround every year.

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buoy37 replied

How small in our case...

Five members sampling 1 oz at the gathering and 4 oz taken home will "kill" a 25 oz bottle of whisky. We usually sample 2 or 3 bottles when we gather.

We are based in Seabrook, TX

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sengjc replied

Informal, a group of drinking friends rather than a club. There are five of us 'hobbyists' who regularly meet. We don't drink malt exclusively and almost always have a cigar in hand. We have done one group buy once: all three of the Jura Boutique Barrels, 1993 Sherry, 1995 Bourbon and 1999 Bourbon Heavily Peated. That was nearly 2 years ago with a pact that the three contributing members must be present for them to be brought out. I think there's still a quarter remaining of one or two of the three bottles just not sure who is keeping them at the moment, LOL.

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YakLord replied

Very informal. About 15 or so members, some of whom have never actually made it to an event... We try to have at least three sessions a year, one on March 16th for St. Clynelish's Day, in which everyone brings something and you sample what you're interested in, and then at least two others where we do themed tastings (geographic region, blends, verticals, etc., etc.), but there are occasionally smaller events with only five or six people attending.

The group expands every-now-and-then as members encounter other whisky aficiandos during the course of their lives (at weddings, work parties, etc., etc.); invitations are extended but may or may not be follow-up on, depending on schedules.

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JJBriggs replied

@lmann86 Nice website, by the way. Our club is six members at the moment. We meet once a month to sample four whiskies, the reviews are compiled and go to our website. We are generalists so we don't limit ourselves to one style exclusively (a bourbon society or irish only). We are a bit on the formal side of things, we have protocols and procedures, a set number of candidates we look at for the year for membership. No memberhsip fees except for the occasional "Guest Night" where we conduct a tasting for people who are new to the hobby (usually 10 to 15 bucks). Good luck to your group!

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tjb replied

It might sound odd but I don't really know yet. I only started it in May 13 and have 5 members at present. I couldn't find one locally so started my own. It is an informal gathering based at a local pub which is fantastic. Ideally I'd like 6-8 and then see how it goes from there. things seem to be going well. At present it isn't a subscription but turn up each month and go from there. I want to judge interest and see what works and will make adjustments accordingly. If you live in Gloucestershire (UK) and fancy dropping in give me a shout.

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Nozinan replied

The RWTS has 5 first tier members and a variable number of second tier members.

What this means is 5 of us plan meetings for when we're available and then invite other interested people to come if they want. We have had up to 6-8 people at meetings and meet 3-4 times a year. I supply most of the Whisky and if people bring back their sample bottles I will happily refill them, otherwise I end up with more and more opened bottles..... Can't drink it alone fast enough.... By that I mean I don't, not that there is so much I'm always drinking.....

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